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By: Maureen Wurtz, NewsNetNebraska

Before choosing to pursue a career in journalism, Rachael Ruybalid, 22, was torn between two loves: animals and writing. She quickly realized that veterinarian school was not for her, and chose to pursue journalism to help marry her two passions.

After living most of her life in Virginia, at the age of 16 Rachael and her family of seven made the move from Virginia to Aurora, Neb.  The move was more drastic when she enrolled in public school for the first time. Until her move to Nebraska, Rachael had been home schooled because of her parent’s religious beliefs.  “The switch was tough,” says Rachael, “I didn’t know slang.  I had to get used to meeting people, having strict deadlines, and higher expectations for me set by other people.”

When Rachael started writing journalism, hard news was her favorite genre.  It wasn’t until an internship at the “York News-Times” in York, Neb., that Rachael found her love for writing feature stories. It gave her the opportunity to write about everyday people and the obstacles they overcame.  “Everyone has something to tell…with reporting, you get to uncover their trials,” says Rachael.

Rachael expects to graduate in December.  “I want to live in ranch country-Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico.  I’m about to graduate-I can go wherever I want to go, do whatever I want to do,” says Rachael.

No matter where Rachael chooses to go, one thing always stays with her.  “My dad told me when I was little, little, little- to ‘Try your hardest to do your best, and that’s all that you can do.’ ”

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