Profile: Aaron Krienert


By Chelsea Coli, News Net Nebraska

Aaron Kreinert, 24, is a senior broadcast major at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. But more than that, Aaron is a die-hard sports fan – so much so that it upended his life’s plans.

Aaron originally attended the University of Nebraska – Omaha and earned a bachelor’s degree in history with the intention to teach. This was until a sudden reality hit him.

“I didn’t see myself doing it in 15 years,” Aaron said, “I woke up on a whim one day, first day of the semester and went to first day of classes. I was so sick of doing it, I dropped my classes.”

Although Aaron earned his degree it was only to kill time so he could decide what he really wanted to do. He said he was afraid he would become bored with teaching and do the kids a disservice by going into a profession his heart wasn’t in. He finished his time at UNO and got his degree while figuring out what he really wanted to do.

“Eventually I just decided, hey, I really really like sports, and I should go do something I love,” said Aaron.

Aaron enrolled in UNL’s broadcast program and expects to earn a bachelor’s degree in the spring or summer of 2011. Aaron wants to go into sports talk radio but has recently expanded into videography. He was introduced to it while working with his uncle, but the journalism school at UNL has taken it to a new level.

“I’d really like to do radio but I wouldn’t be disappointed if I had to do a number of other things,” said Aaron.

These other things aren’t limited to branches of journalism. Aaron wants to travel but eventually end up back in Nebraska where he can intertwine his passions for radio and sports by covering Husker football.

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