Husker men’s golf: “Wyatt chunked an 8 iron”

Story by Brendan Carl, NewsNetNebraska

A Texan, a Canadian and an Illinoisan stand roughly 150 yards away from the 11th green.

“Wyatt chunked an 8 iron,” Neil Dufford, the Texan, said. The comment is directed to Brett Nymeyer, the Canadian. Andrew Wyatt, the Illinoisan, is shaking his head as if he has just been scolded by his mother for not taking out the trash.

The three Husker golfers each drop a second ball and attempt to improve on Wyatt’s performance. Dufford hits his long, Wyatt leaves his attempt short, and Nymeyer puts his on the green about 15 feet from the hole.

Wyatt approaches his ball and chips it to about four feet from the hole.

“Terrible,” Wyatt mutters as he picks up the ball.

No official comes to tell Wyatt to play out the hole. This isn’t a tournament. This is practice for the Nebraska men’s golf team.

For the grounds crew at Firethorn Golf Course in Lincoln, Neb., the day after Labor Day means a day to relax, but the Cornhuskers continue their work.

On the 14th hole, Wyatt drops a ball in a depression by the green.

“Drop anywhere in here and play it as it lies,” says the senior from Lake Forest, Ill.

Dufford goes first, hitting a shot that lands on the green just in front of the hole and rolls clear to the back, just barely staying on the green. The Texan trudges to his ball, head down, dragging his wedge behind him.

Nymeyer is up next. He drops his ball, making sure not to place it in Dufford’s divot. Taking a full swing, the Canadian’s chip comes out fast and travels over the green in a hurry.

Finally it is Wyatt’s turn. The Illinoisan drops a white Titleist and prepares for his shot. Wyatt’s Nike wedge slides under the golf ball as grass explodes toward the green. Traveling only a short distance, the ball hits onto the fringe of the green and rolls back to the place where its owner is standing.

“I win,” Dufford shouts with childlike joy.

“Were you even on the green?” Wyatt asks. “Duff wins. Little bastard.”

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