Huskers club ultimate Frisbee: “You know better than this”

Story by Rich Schneider, NewsNetNebraska

Jimmy West understands rookie mistakes.  As captain for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln men’s ultimate Frisbee club team, the Cornfed, he knows that many of the rookie players have never played ultimate Frisbee before and, despite their athletic backgrounds, in the third week of practice the inexperience always rears its head amongst the veterans.

Players like Hayden Bradley, motoring up and down the field hustling after errant passes or missed defensive assignments between inhaler hits, give West optimism for his rookie class.  “The majority of these guys have shown up every practice and they have all gotten better,” West said, as Bradley a former high school gymnast celebrated another victory in a one-on-one drill.

Soon, West has the Cornfed prepared for a scrimmage.

He is quick to forgive dropped passes or missed throws from both the veterans and the rookies, but he’s not shy when his players have bad spacing or make costly technical mistakes.

First up are the seven players wearing white against the seven players wearing dark shirts while the skins remain on the sideline ready to take on the winner.

West orders his team to run crisp cuts keeping everything simple for now. “Nothing stupid,” he yells as the whites launch the disc into the dark’s end zone.

First mistake. West doesn’t miss it.  No longer caring if it is a rookie or a veteran he sprints down the sideline to chastise the mistake and offer advice on how to get out of their dilemma.  The darks have allowed the disc to land in their end zone, a big no-no in ultimate Frisbee.  Eager to make up for it, the dark squad picks up the disc and looks for an open receiver as West scans the field for the next mistake.  The darks seem to find a target and throw the disc from the back of their end zone.  Second mistake. Interception.  Point whites.

“Everybody stop!” barked West. “Look where you are at, you know better than this!”

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