Lincoln Southwest High School football: “You’re going to be all right”

Story by Brent Reese, NewsNetNebraska

As the giggling water girls and the two players dubbed “the marshmallow brains,” who suffered concussions earlier in the season, look on, the Lincoln Southwest football team prepares for week three against Lincoln East.

“Work, work, work, speed, speed, look, look, run, run,” are shouted by head coach Mark King as he alternates back and forth between varsity and junior varsity scrimmages, even though the JV is just moments away from game time at the adjacent field just east of the practice fields.

Coach King lets the JV go, just 15 minutes before game time.

As the team concludes the scrimmage and breaks off into skill position and lineman drills, King, wearing a baseball cap, white T-shirt, green athletic shorts, and white socks with black shoes, runs to the north end zone with the skill players and sets up some passing drills.

“Boom, boom, plant, get up field, rapid fire,” King shouts as a receiver runs a route.  “Make tough catches, not just easy catches.”

In the next drill, King stands five yards in front of his two quarterbacks as receivers are directed to run slants underneath of him towards one another.

“Let’s see what that second goal post looks like,” shouts King as one receiver runs a route behind him and has to run one hundred yards to the opposite side of the field and back again.

“Ha, ha,” laughs King, as two receivers collide with one another.

As the drill ends, King is seen running across the field where he starts working with the lineman, as he likes to spend time with all the positions on the team.  As practice drags on, number 78, Lucas Grossman steps aside with hands on knees and spitting as if he was going to vomit.

“I don’t care if you got snot dripping out of every orifice you got, you keep playing, you’re going to school tomorrow, you’re going to be all right,” shouts King as he directs Grossman back to the drill.

After some wind sprints for conditioning, the team huddles for some final words from King.

“This Friday night’s victory depends on tomorrow’s practice.”

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