No fans needed

A behind-the-scenes look at fall sports practices across Lincoln.

Editor’s note: The College of Journalism and Mass Communication’s sports reporting class took a look at what practices looked like across Lincoln during one week in September. Reporters found moments of comedy, tragedy and triumph in athletes from Husker rifle snipers to eighth-grade flag footballers at Scott Middle School. –Elizabeth Venrick, acting editor

Husker men’s golf: “Wyatt chunked an 8 iron”

Husker men’s tennis: “You gotta hold serve”

Huskers rifle team: “Yoga before each practice”

Husker club rugby: “Push! Harder!”

Huskers club ultimate Frisbee: “You know better than this”

Husker women’s soccer: “Don’t even think about counting that”

Husker women’s soccer: “I’m not seeing enough hustle”

Lincoln East High School football: “It’s Labor Day, isn’t it?”

Lincoln Southwest High School football: “You’re going to be all right”

Parkview Christian High School 8-man football: “With God as my witness”

Scott Middle School flag football: “Go get Bailey!”

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