Profile: Jared Hanner


By Chris Barker, NewsNetNebraska

Jared Hanner, a 23-year-old News-Editorial major at UNL, has little use for a certain recent digital trend in the journalism industry.

“I don’t believe in blogs,” Jared said. “They’re not reliable and they aren’t good for the country.”

Along with discussing his issues about bloggers, Jared has an even stronger interest in politics. Jared helped out with the Barack Obama presidential campaign in 2008 and is a former intern for the Nebraska Democratic Party. With his deep passion for politics, it all makes perfect sense that Jared has his concentrations in history and political science and wants to continue working in politics and using his journalistic skills after graduating.
Jared has called Lincoln, Nebraska home his whole life, even though he spent this past summer in Washington D.C.

“I’m in no hurry to get out of the state,” Jared said, and he is content with where he is right now. Jared hopes to continue working in politics following his graduation in May 2011.

Jared enjoys reading in his free time, but maybe not blogs so much. His favorite books are the Lord of the Rings trilogy or “anything by Tolkien.”

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