Profile: Kiara Letcher


Story by Elizabeth Venrick, NewsNetNebraska

Kiara Letcher is an entertainer. From day to day antics to the performance stage, Letcher dreams of one day making it big on the small screen.

“My future plans include morphing myself into Chelsea Lately or Joan Rivers,” Letcher said.

A Lincoln native, Letcher follows both of her professional heroes on twitter, which is just one of the many social media outlets she frequents.

“I want to have my own TV show and talk about entertainment and media related subjects,” said the broadcasting major, theatre and Spanish minor.

A self-described eccentric, Letcher is fully aware of her quirky behavior.

“Someone once told me I walk the line between funny and annoying, but I’m more funny,” Letcher said with a laugh. “I like to put on shows. I like to write funny things. I like to make people laugh.”

In fact, she’s been performing for her younger sister, Leah, 18, for years.

“I was always putting on shows for Leah and embarrassing her,” said Letcher.

Letcher’s audience has grown, however. She is now entering her second year as an official member of Red Theatre, a futuristic, community theatre group written by, for and about its community, based out of Lincoln.

“Entertainment is my passion,” Letcher said. “And drinking and collecting clothes.”

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