Profile: Lacey Mason


Story and photo by Sarah McCallister, NewsNetNebraska

Many would call Lacey Mason opinionated.  But, according to her, who isn’t?

“Everybody likes to say what’s on their mind.”

As a columnist and assistant Opinion editor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Daily Nebraskan, Mason certainly has the platform to express herself.  And express herself, she has.

The senior news-editorial major has been speaking her mind through her weekly column in the student newspaper for the last year.  As her writing has evolved, so have her subjects.  Early on, she wrote about personal experiences, and more recently her stories have focused on social equality, minority issues and children’s issues.

One of Mason’s most memorable columns centered on women being sexually harassed and ogled based on their clothing choices.  Because of the strong reactions – which included personal attacks and a slew of profanities directed at Mason – the Opinion editor was forced to shut down the comments section on the Daily Nebraskan website, Mason said.

“By telling women that they can’t dress a certain way, it’s giving power to the people harassing them.”

While Mason doesn’t plan to work in a traditional newspaper setting after graduating, she plans to continue expressing herself and her passions by working with a non-profit group, particularly one involving child advocacy.

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