Profile: Richard Schneider


Story and photo by Katrina Fischman, NewsNetNebraska

Five-year-old Richard Schneider sat on the couch next to his father, proudly sporting his Nebraska T-shirt, eyes fixated on the TV and shouting gleefully as the Huskers defeated Miami for the 1994 Big 12 National Championship title. This momentous event ignited a sports craze for Schneider that would lead to a career.

As a child, Schneider, now a senior news-editorial major, eagerly scoured the newspaper for the latest sports reports and occupied every spare moment on the basketball court or football field. But after suffering injuries and undergoing three knee operations in high school, he was unable to play.

“I felt like I was robbed,” he said.

So he searched for other avenues to pursue his passion. Being a decent writer, he decided to study sports journalism. With plans to graduate this December, Schneider is undecided between the public relations and reporting sides of sports journalism.

“I’d love to work for Sports Illustrated,” he said. “They’ve had some of the greatest writers go through there. . . . You know if you get published in SI people are definitely reading.”

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