Profile: Sarah McCallister


Story and photo by Lacey Mason, NewsNetNebraska

The free expression of ideas and a strong defense of First Amendment rights are principles that guide Sarah McCallister, a senior political science and news-editorial major.

“I’m a big supporter of the idea that the only way to counter bad speech is with more, better speech,” said McCallister, who plans to attend law school after she graduates next May.

Despite being told by Tim Becker, chief of staff for Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., that political science and journalism are the two most frustrating career options, McCallister hasn’t been deterred from her goals.

McCallister, who is close with her family, including her sister, Laura McCallister, who works for 10-11 News, spends her nights copy editing at the Daily Nebraskan, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s school newspaper. She started out as a reporter two years ago, but now is more comfortable as slot editor.

“I like being able to find mistakes and fix things to help them look better,” she said. “I feel like a detective or something when I find something nobody else has seen.”

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