Profile: Tori Grdina


Story and photo by Ryan Evans, NewsNetNebraska

Tori Grdina, a news-editorial and English major, enjoys writing so much that she hopes to do it for a living someday.

“My dream is to write my own book series,” the University of Nebraska-Lincoln junior said.

Grdina has even been developing a concept for the series since before her 2008 graduation from Pius X High School in Lincoln, Neb., that is loosely based on her own high school experiences.

“Right now I have an outline of where the story is going and I work on it every once in a while,” she said.

Indeed, it seems that Grdina enjoys the creative outlet that writing allows her– a passion that was discovered in sixth grade when she authored her first short story.

“The teacher showed the class what a good job I did and that kind of started me into liking writing,” she said.

That creative passion continues to Grdina’s blog, where she not only practices her craft, but also shares it, something that could certainly soon win her a job.

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