Vitamin industry bulks up, promotes health


Homes, cars, electronics and most every industry has suffered from the recent recession, but there has been an odd survivor to the recession caused sale plummet.

Vitamins and Supplements aren’t only growing muscles, but actual revenue for an industry that has seen over a 12 percent sales growth nationwide.

Josh Bittman, the owner of Bench Nutrition, just relocated his business of selling vitamins, supplements and other health guides to Las Vegas, but said that the industry is growing because of the move by people trying to get healthy.

“It’s the trend,” he said, “just ride it until it stops.”

Bittman said more and more people are using supplements not only because they are trying to be healthier but also because there is seemingly less time in the day.

He said that many people use these vitamins to replace the vitamins they should be getting in everyday life through balanced meals.

One of the major proponents of these pills, shakes and vitamins is Shem Woods. The 22-year-old body-builder and weight-training coach stresses the importance of using different supplements to offset many of the troubles with weight-lifting.

“Your muscles break-down,” he said, “and these (pointing to a bottle of Whey supplements) and its amino acids help your muscles rebuild faster without losing mass.”

Woods said that supplements serve an important part of building strength, but said vitamins would be needed by everyone.

Trainer Sean Neeley agrees saying that people often don’t consume enough of the vitamins they need for a day, and having a healthy vitamin build-up is important to staying healthy.

And that is where some of the industry’s growth seems to be coming from. Not the body-builders hoping to put on weight, but those who are either trying to drop weight or stay healthy.

Bittman said that people often overtake vitamins each day, but that can do more harm than good.

“You don’t need 1,000 miligrams of vitamin C,” he said, “every vitamin should be done in moderation.”

To get the correct amount, both Woods and Neeley said that one should take a once daily multivitamin. This multivitamin usually contains the average amount of each vitamin one should get in a day.

There are importance vitamins that don’t store up in the body and need replenishing everyday like vitamin C and vitamin B.

These are both water-soluble vitamins that break down inside your system and if someone doesn’t get the bare minimum of 70 mg a day, then they can feel sluggish and be prone to getting sick easier.

But the classic vitamins are the only supplements selling well. Bittman said one of the highest sellers in his shop was fish oils.

Fish oils provide Omega-3 fatty acids that have many benefits. These pills are made from the tissue of oily fish like salmon and tuna, but despite the taste of these pills they are gaining more popularity. They are healthy for your heart and reduce the risk of heart attack, along with helping the brain stay healthy and fight Alzheimer’s.

Supplements often has a negative connotation, Woods said, but they are not the same as steroids and offer many benefits to the everyday person.

Woods said the industry often gets pegged with the labels of selling steroids, but he says that neither he nor no one he trains uses steroids. He said it makes him mad when people accuse him.

“Many people (are) just trying to get healthy,” he said.

And whether these people are trying to build-up strength or just trying to stay healthy, the supplement industry is the one getting the benefits now.

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