Andrew McClure: An aspiring law school student

Photo and story by Derek Brandt

Andrew McClure is studying journalism as a pathway to law.

“I am going to apply to law school in the fall,” he said. “I’ll be applying to UNL law and a few other places. I’m leaning toward staying at UNL though.”

Beyond law school, McClure isn’t sure where his future lies. In fact, his road to a journalism degree was different than most students. It wasn’t about a career path at all.

“I added the news editorial major in my sophomore year as a way to further my writing skills,” he said. “I figured the writing would come in handy no matter where I end up in life.”

As for where he ends up after law school, McClure is letting that sort itself out later.

“I really don’t have a clue what I’ll be doing,” he said.” Whatever I do, I would like to be successful.”

McClure’s living destination of choice remains Nebraska. Regardless of occupation, he enjoys the state and the comfort it provides, along with the proximity to the mountains.

“I’d enjoy staying in Nebraska, as long as I am able to go skiing in Colorado. I love Colorado.”

From the time he was young, McClure had an ideal dream job that is comparable to most men at one point or another, as well.

“I’d like to be an astronaut, although I won’t have an engineering degree or anything like that. But who knows? Perhaps they’ll need lawyers in space.”

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