Erin Grant: Like Ari Gold (just nicer)


Story and photo by Michael Todd, NewsNetNebraska

It sounds like the basis to a years-long study: Does a television show have the power to alter one’s career path?

“Well, initially I wanted to write, and I was in fashion journalism for a while, but I realized there wasn’t much hope for a steady income,” said Erin Grant, a senior news-editorial major at UNL. “So then I watched ‘Entourage’ and saw I wanted to be exactly like Ari Gold [a talent agency co-founder], just nicer.”

Subscribing to the philosophy that fashion is wearable art, Grant has quickly shifted her aspirations: Being the president of a public relations firm is all she hopes for. Over the course of this short time-frame, she has traveled from watching the HBO network to completing an internship this past summer in New York City with a fashion designer. She “loved every minute of being out there,” gaining indispensable experience all the while.

“I learned that you can build a brand from the bottom up with a mere sense of style.”

Her buoyant personality and penchant for adapting to the times dovetail with fashion’s ever-changing landscape. She said the ways in which a public relations firm is charged with reaching a different demographic with each message it creates should keep the minutia of a longtime job at bay. That, and she can synthesize her business and creative sides.

With her last semester as an undergrad underway, Grant hopes to return to New York City as soon as possible. Oh, and that post as president would be nice, too.

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