Kara VanLandingham-Frequent flying her way to the story.


Story and photo by Ryan Penney

Senior Broadcast Major Kara VanLandingham’s frequent flyer miles account has been growing since she was just a little girl.

Growing up in New York for half her life, she made the shift from the northeast to the southwest heading to warmer weather. Spending another big chunk of her life in Santé Fe, New Mexico where she fell in love with the idea of being a Journalist.

“I am just curious with people’s stories and what happens behind the scenes,” said VanLandingham.

VanLandingham traded in the sunglasses for snow boots and came to Lincoln, Nebraska where she began to chase her dreams of being a sports entertainment journalist.

“There is a lot more sun there, not as pretty here in Lincoln but I do like the family like atmosphere. It would be a good place to raise a family” said VanLandingham.

One of the big steps towards her dreams came when she covered the Omaha Nighthawks first game. The Nighthawks joined the UFL in 2010. VanLandingham interviewed Quarterback Jeff Garcia and also interview singer Nelly who performed a concert after the game.

Either way, you can expect to see her name on the frequent flyers Hall of Fame list when it’s all said and done.

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