Danielle Kaster: Media Law Student


Story and photo by Kim Eiten, NewsNetNebraska

Writing has been an important part of Danielle Kaster’s life since her grade school days.

“When I was little I used to make my own newspaper,” she said. “My favorite story was a gorilla got loose from the zoo; it made the top story every time.”

As a high school student, Kaster kept busy with activities including basketball, track and student council, but also developed her early interest in journalism.

“In high school, the easiest elective was newspaper, so I took it but then I ended up really liking it,” she said.

Now the 21-year-old broadcasting student has expanded her studies to include majors in news-editorial journalism and political science.

“I originally hated political science,” she said. “I took my first class in college and it just (clicked).”

When Kaster isn’t preparing for the LSAT or interning for Kissel E&S, a lobbying firm, she enjoys working out and spending time with family and friends.

After she graduates in August 2011, Kaster plans to use her dual majors to enter law school. Her goal is becoming a lawyer for a media publication.

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