Doug Burger: A sports journalist


Photo and story by Nick French, NewsNetNebraska

During his two years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Doug Burger has run the gamut of sports writing at the Daily Nebraskan.

The 20-year-old sophomore from St. Paul, Minnesota, has covered women’s and men’s tennis, volleyball, spring and fall football and men’s basketball.   Burger said he enjoys the contrast of writing about such a variation of sports.

“I covered fall football for the first time last semester,” Burger said.  “It was really different than something like basketball or tennis.  Football is just so big here.”

In search of a prestigious journalism program, Burger visited UNL as a high school senior in May 2008 and decided to apply.

“I was interested in journalism, but kind of applied here on a whim,” Burger said. “I wanted to get away from Minnesota and enjoy a new experience at a larger school.”

The Daily Nebraskan has given Burger his first taste of print journalism.  He’s interviewed prominent athletic figures such as Doc Sadler and Carl Pelini, but he fears Bo Pelini.

“I haven’t had the guts yet to ever ask Bo Pelini a question,” Burger said.  “He’s a very intimidating guy.”

Burger aspires to become the assistant sports editor at the Daily Nebraskan by fall of 2011, but he isn’t certain what life after graduation will hold.

“I have no idea what I plan to do after college, and that’s fine with me right now.”

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