Mariah Hutchinson: the Swimming Journalist


Story and photo by Megan Brincks, NewsNetNebraska

In addition to attending school full-time, Mariah Hutchinson spends about six hours each day training for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Hutchinson, 22, started participating in swim competitions at age 9 in her hometown, Topeka, Kan. She knew she wanted to compete at the collegiate level, and now she is training to qualify for the Olympics.

However, Hutchinson keeps her long-term goals in sight, and she decided to study broadcast journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“I love sports, and I knew I wanted to continue my knowledge and love of sports after my own career is over,” Hutchinson said. She chose UNL after visiting several colleges on recruiting trips. She said she loves Lincoln because it reminds her of Topeka.

“It didn’t differ a lot from my hometown,” Hutchinson said. “The people are similar—very real.”

After graduation in May 2012, she wants to work for any major sports network, but “if I could go to Oregon, that’s where I would live.”

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