Nick French: Journalism extraordinaire


By Doug Burger | NewsNetNebraska

If you asked Nick French the question, “What do you do?” he could answer with plenty of options.

The 24-year-old University of Nebraska-Lincoln senior divides his time between a handful of different jobs and hobbies.

The Columbus, Neb., native and news-editorial major said he has always been interested in music. French plays multiple instruments, including the guitar, keyboard, bass guitar and drums. He said he’s played in about seven different bands, most recently CarrotCarrot.

“I always wanted to play the drums,” French said. “From a kid’s perspective they’re kind of like a toy.”

He wasn’t too interested in the idea of studying music in college because he enjoys making music a lot more than studying it.

When French isn’t making music, he’s working jobs that stem from his major.

French works one night a week as an illustrator at the Daily Nebraskan, an independent student newspaper. He also does freelance work for the Lincoln Journal Star contributing to its Arts and Entertainment Going Out section.

French has also spent time as a disc jockey and music director at KRNU, the university’s college radio station. On top of all that, he even works Oso Burrito in downtown Lincoln.

“It’s not so bad,” French said about his multiple activites. “It keeps me busy and I like that.”

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