Ruth Angelina: Romanticized journalist from the East


Growing up in South East Asia, Ruth Angelina was always exceptionally good in Mathematics and Chemistry all the way through school. Chemical Engineering sounded like the ideal career for her to pursue until the age of 16, when a fortuneteller made her realize that the things you are good at are not necessarily your passion.

He advised Ruth to explore the world of journalism, a career that never crossed her mind before the encounter. She began researching more into it and two and a half years later, 10,000 miles away from home, Ruth discovered journalism is where her true passion is in the lecture hall of Andersen Hall, where the College of Journalism and Mass Communications is located at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Scott Winter sold the idea of journalism to her when he elaborated on the kinds of impact a journalist can make on a person or community in the first class of introduction to journalism itself. Since then, she decided to go against all odds and pursue her newly discovered dream in journalism despite language barrier and weakness in creativity.

“The best part is I can finally tell my mom there’s a reason why I’ve been exceptionally nosy all my life,” Ruth said. “She used to get so annoyed at me when I was a kid for asking things that kids don’t need to know.”

Ruth is expecting to graduate in 2012 and aspires to be a travel journalist, with fingers crossed she will be reporting back in her home country Indonesia.

Photo and story by Ruth Angelina, NewsNetNebraska

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