Kim Eiten: Spunky Journalist


Kim Eiten chose broadcasting as a major before she knew what it was, but now she loves it.

Now a college junior, the Peru, Illinois, native came to the University of Nebraska -Lincoln on a “whim,” hoping for a booming city life.  Although disappointed, she found she likes Lincoln for its “big city/small town feeling.” Eiten has taken full advantage of opportunities in Nebraska.

The budding journalist is an intern at KETV. Commuting to Omaha twice a week, her days consist of shadowing reporters and “learning the technical skills” of broadcast journalism.  The internship has been a “wake-up call” she said; now, she realizes “everything journalists do outside of reporting.” need another transition.

“My favorite part of broadcasting is interviewing people and just getting to learn from people I wouldn’t normally talk to,” she said.

Eiten reminisced about her interviewing experiences and laughed about a time when she went through three tapes talking to a used-car dealer. Each tape has 60 minutes of film.

Eiten hopes her journalism career will take her to Chicago because of the market size and being closer to her family.

The spunky journalist recently became engaged and plans on getting married after she graduates in May  2012.

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