Dylan Guenther: BMX to journalism


Story and Photo by Kat Ladwig

At age 3, Dylan Guenther taught his older sister to ride a bike without training wheels. Six years later, he was performing BMX tricks.

Guenther, a senior news-editorial major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), attributes his career choice as a sports writer to his days riding BMX in Columbus, Neb.

“I spend most of my time looking on the web at sports anyways,” Guenther said. “Covering sports would be the best way to have a job I love.”

Guenther didn’t always like mainstream sports. After dabbling in track, football, baseball and soccer in high school, Guenther realized those sports didn’t interest him.

“I obviously wasn’t physically gifted to play those games,” Guenther said. “But riding bikes still gave me an appreciation for athletes.”

Coming to the UNL campus sparked Guenther’s interest in reporting on a broader range of sports, mainly because of Nebraska football fans and the college sports atmosphere. Now, Guenther works at the Daily Nebraskan as a sports writer covering the UNL Bowling team.

After graduation, Guenther hopes to write for a Nebraska publication covering husker football, or writing for a BMX magazine.

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