Kat Ladwig: A Journalistic Journey


Photo by Dylan Guenther

From an early age, Kat Ladwig knew that she had a knack for writing and editing.

Kat, a 22-year-old senior news editorial major, was asked by her father to listen to and edit speeches he was preparing.  Kat’s father, Steven, works as an executive at IBM where he informs the public about IBM products.  He makes complex things understandable.  Kat’s involvement with her father’s work has played a big role in her journalistic interests.

Kat’s love of sports has fed her journalistic passion.  Playing multiple sports throughout her life has given Kat an understanding about what goes into being an athlete. After  undergoing three knee surgeries to repair multiple injuries, Kat knows personally the resolve that athletes need to have.

“I have a soft spot for sports features,” Kat said. “Writing those stories can expose turmoil and pain that every athlete has had on their road to success.”

Kat has found a way to use her passion for sports to fuel her professional ambitions.  She has gone from playing sports to writing about and covering sports.

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