Will Latta: Photojournalist eyes health career


Photo and story by Erin Grant, NewsNetNebraska

Occupational therapy was not in Will Latta’s orginal plan.  It wasn’t until his experience covering the aftermath of the genocide in Kigali, Rwanda, that he felt as if his photojournalism career was more exploitive than eye-opening.

“I finally realized what it was like, at this point, to be hated,” Latta said. “I knew after my experience in Rwanda, I was better suited for a career where I could help others.”

Latta, a senior news-editorial major, thought that photojournalism was going to be his career of choice. He soon discovered what he thought would be groundbreaking work was more about business.

“I began to feel like photojournalism was more about my own benefits rather than benefiting others,” Latta said. “It became more about resume building and forwarding my career.”

After working in British Columbia at the Easter Seals Association, an organization focused on helping people with mental and physical disabilities, he knew occupational therapy was his direction. However, Latta noted that the skills he learned in journalism he will take with him everywhere.

“Journalism makes you a people person,” Latta said. “You learn how to read, know, and interact with others. It teaches you how to quickly fix mistakes. I know I will be able to use these skills in the future, especially when helping people.”

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