Nebraska fireworks sales boom since new laws, I-29 closed

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In most years, Nebraskans traveled across state borders to Missouri to do their firework shopping before July 3. They flocked to Missouri for early shopping and fireworks that were illegal in Nebraska.

This year, nearby Missouri fireworks stands are not an option for Nebraskans, since I-29 has been closed by the floods. But with new laws and nearby stands opening earlier, it’s easier to shop close to home.

Lincolnite Jennifer Flanders is the co-owner of More Bang For Your Buck Fireworks in Hickman, Neb. She helped open the stand last year because her family loves fireworks.

Lincoln just loosened its fireworks restrictions to match Missouri’s, making previously banned items like firecrackers legal. Flanders isn’t worried that will hurt her business.

This year, Hickman, has been a hotspot for early fireworks shopping. Since they have four stands that sell for 10 days, they can offer lower prices than Lincoln stands, which are only open on July 3 and 4.

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