Capital One Bowl representatives check out huskers

Story by Robby Korth and photos by Matt Masin, NewsNetNebraska

Roy Messinger owns a marketing company. Craig Messinger trades stocks on behalf of the Bank of New.

On weekends they’re scouts for the Capital One Bowl.

On Saturday, the Messinger brothers flew to Lincoln to check out the newest member of the Big Ten to see if the Huskers might be worthy of playing in their January bowl game in Orlando.

But why would the brothers come to scout out a non-conference game in week three?

The Messingers are part of a committee of more than 100 members who select which team from the SEC and from the Big Ten will play in their bowl.

They’ve come so that they can judge Nebraska. After the Huskers’ 51-38 win over Washington, it’s too early to make a judgment, they said.

National Football League scouts sitting down the row from the Messingers are simply looking at talent. The
Messingers search for more.

“I look at the whole package,” Roy Messinger said. “The electricity in the stands, the fans, the buzz, the school and how they embrace us.”

The Messingers also poked around city campus, soaked in everything and Monday they’ll report back to the other committee members.

“We’ll do random things,” Craig Messinger said. “Walk around campus, talk to some fans, talk to some students.”

Scouts for this bowl game attend three to six games a year. But when they all get together and vote, the process is simple despite all the voices. The committee generally has three choices from which to select and it eliminates one team each round.

In the end, the voters don’t even know who was selected until the public is notified. However, that’s not on the minds of the Messingers right now. They’re only trying to answer two simple questions this weekend.

“Why should I pick Nebraska?” Messinger said.

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