Erin Myers: Journalist for a day, journalist for life


Story and Photo by Stephanie Smolek, News Net Nebraska

Erin Myers is leaving behind test tubes and lab coats for a life full of conversations, media and interaction.

Myers entered UNL as a chemistry major working toward professional school, but transferred to the College of Journalism and Mass Communications as a way to make her medical school application stand out, and it was a natural fit for her. “I am no longer conforming to the mold medical schools were asking me to be,” Myers says. “The years of school and long hours, it just wasn’t worth it.”

Myers decided against professional school and transitioned easily into journalism. Myers is enjoying college now and is excited to work in journalism. Recently, Myers interned at Channel 8, where she started developing a new love in producing. She likes being in charge and having control.

“I like working as a producer because when working on a show, it’s kind of like putting the pieces of a puzzle together,” Myers says. “At a station, everyone has their own individual part; reporters, photographers, videographers, etc., and I feel like a producer is the glue to hold everything together and make it cohesive.

Myers will graduate in December 2012 with her bachelor’s in broadcasting and minor in chemistry. She has an eye on the competitive NBC Page Program internship.

“I’m ready to enjoy new experiences,” she said. “I would love to go anywhere, especially somewhere warm.”

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