Stephanie Morrissey


Story and photo by Bob Al-Greene, NewsNet Nebraska

Steph Morrissey is always busy doing something.

“I’m a big perfectionist, but I think there’s a happy medium between having fun in what you do and getting the job done,” she said.

The 22-year-old broadcasting and advertising major worked three jobs this past summer: internships at Sandhills Publishing and 1011 News in Lincoln, and a part-time job at the Gap. Her first job was at the age of 15, at an ice cream store in her hometown of Wilber, Neb.

All this work will hopefully pay off when Morrissey graduates next spring and embarks on a broadcasting career she said she hopes leads her to the top.
“I want to be Diane Sawyer,” she said.

Right now, Morrissey said, she has job offers that will get her a paycheck but aren’t necessarily where her passions lie, and may not lead her to her ultimate career goals.

When she’s finished at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she said, she’ll have the chance to weigh her options and find a job that will keep her satisfied.

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