Profile: Camila Orti

Camila Orti

Story and photo by Ryne Stefankiewicz, NewsNetNebraska

In high school, Camila Orti vowed to go far from home for college. Instead, the Lincoln Southeast graduate made it across town to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Although the junior broadcasting major didn’t travel far for school, she enjoys running long distances. In May, she ran the Lincoln Half-Marathon.

“Running marathons is kind of a big thing on my dad’s side of the family,” she said. Her father, Guillermo Orti, has finished six marathons.

“When I was little, I used to ride my bike next to my dad when he would go on long runs,” Orti said. “Then, as I grew older, I started running with him.”

Orti, 20, is training for the Omaha Marathon and Omaha Triathlon. Running isn’t her only passion, though. She aspires to be an entertainment reporter after graduating next May.

Her dream job, she said, is to host an entertainment-based talk show or work for E! News.

“It would be fun to talk to people and make people laugh,” she said. “I love making people laugh, so that would be an added bonus.”

A job in entertainment would finally get her out of Lincoln, too.

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