Profile: Emily Giller

Photo Emily Giller
Photo by Alexis See Tho, NewsNetNebraska

Being raised by parents who were both teachers, Emily Giller learned the value of education at an early age.

For her, homework always came before play time. Those early lessons have helped her as she pursues her higher education – except perhaps in one area. While her father is a science teacher, Emily was always bad in that subject.

“That’s why I’m in journalism,” the Omaha native said.

She got her first taste of journalism in eighth grade while working for her school’s yearbook.

Last summer, she interned for the second time at The Jewish Press, a weekly newspaper in Omaha. Some of her assignments included an interview with Illinois Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and writing a story about a controversial project to build a Protestant church, a mosque and a synagogue in the same area.

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