Profile: Paige Dimakos

Story and photo by Andrew Robeson, NewsNetNebraska

How many people can say they saved someone’s life when they were 8 years old?

Paige Dimakos says she was in “the right place, at the right time” when she rescued a toddler who was drowning in a motel swimming pool in 1998 while her family was on vacation. While Dimakos barely remembers the incident, her mother, Laurie, vividly recalls how calmly her daughter pulled the child out of the water.

Paige Dimakos, a senior broadcasting major, will intern this summer for Fox Sports in Phoenix.

Having nerves under pressure seems to be a common theme for Dimakos. She spent 13years competing as a synchronized skater, and her team, the Chicago Jazz, racked up five national championships during that time. For seven of those 13years Dimakos was the team captain.

Now she is pursuing a degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and hopes to be a broadcaster in the stressful world of journalism.

When Dimakos isn’t busy at school, she is an active member in her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, where she was named “sister of the year.” She is also very proud of her Greek heritage, and if you doubt it, she’ll be quick to point that her father’s name is Plato.