Profile: Rosemary Vestal

Story and photo by Sean Whalen, NewsNetNebraska

Nothing terrifies Rosemary Vestal quite so much as the calendar.

Each time she looks at it, a sense of dread creeps over her as May 5 approaches, the day she truly leaves childhood and enters the much-maligned “real world.”

Rosemary Vestal, a journalism major, is having a hard time deciding what to do after she graduates in May.

Her issue: She really has no idea what she will be doing two months after graduation, much less the rest of her life. While Vestal knows this is a common issue among soon-to-be college grads, she’s no less determined.

“If you hear of any opportunities, I’m open to suggestions,” Vestal said. “I don’t know what I’m destined for, but I know it’s something great.”

Her “something great” appears, at the moment, to exist in the world of television production. The Denver native got a taste of production from August through November when participating in a student-run television station via the Star City News course. Her production experiences under Professor Trina Creighton have given her something to shoot for.

“I like knowing when things are supposed to happen, and what those things will be,” Vestal said. “Which is exactly what producing is. That’s also why I hate not knowing what will come after May.”

Vestal now realizes that knowing what you want and getting it are two different things entirely. But until her destiny unfolds, the 22-year old plans to have a grand old time.

“I won’t say I’m not worried,” she said. “But I also won’t say I’m not having fun right now.”