Gym Class Heroes and T-Pain rock Lincoln

By Andrew Robeson, NewsNetNebraska

For the second straight year, the Snowstorm Music Tour, designed to bring Top 40 acts to Midwestern cities, made its way to Lincoln Saturday night and featured headliners T-Pain and Gym Class Heroes.

To begin the night, newcomer Outasight performed a set that got the crowd to its feet. Many people who were unfamiliar with Outasight were surprised when he finished with the very popular song “Tonight is The Night,” which is featured in a Pepsi commercial.

Building off the energy that Outsight brought to the nearly full Pershing Center, the Gym Class Heroes took the stage by storm. They played their current hit “Back Home,” toward the beginning of their performance and had the crowd singing along for most of the night.

The group’s other top 40 hit, “Stereo Hearts,” had the crowd roaring to the point that they almost drowned out the band.

Concert goer Kristy Sastamoine, a 21-year-old from Omaha, said she came to see T-Pain but “was surprised how much energy Gym Class Heroes brought. I liked T-Pain more because I knew his songs better, but Gym Class Heroes were definitely the better performers.”

Shortly after the Heroes left the stage, the crowd’s attention turned to a DJ booth on the side of the stage. Rapper Tech N9ne made an unscheduled and unexpected appearance to hype up the crowd before T-Pain hit the stage. Despite the crowd’s begging, Tech N9ne did not perform any songs.

Once T-Pain hit the stage, the crowd was treated to nonstop hit after hit. There didn’t seem to be a single song that he played that the crowd was unfamiliar with. For a while  “All the Above,” was going to be the song that generated the most buzz from his performance, until he decided to sing his verse from the song, “I’m on a Boat.”

“I wasn’t sure if he was going to play ‘I’m on a Boat’ since it’s kind of a joke song,” said attendee Rikki Lay, a 22-year-old from Hastings. “I went crazy when he did.”

As fans piled out of the auditorium at the end of the night, the general consensus seemed to be that the show exceeded expectations.