CoJMC student dreams of career abroad


Johnnie Adcox wants to cover international stories as a TV reporter.

Story by Zach Revense for NewsNetNebraska

Johnnie Adcox is the type of broadcasting student who wants to be part of every aspect of the business. Even though his major keeps him in front of the camera, Adcox said he’s done it all.

“I’ve almost had more behind-the-scenes experience,” he said.

Adcox, 29, has taken his time acquiring his education. Personal and financial reasons have extended his collegiate studies, but Adcox said he has always known he wanted to be a TV reporter.  He loves to travel when he’s not in school; Russia is his favorite destination so far.

He has a passion for international and domestic politics and sees himself working for an international bureau for major news corporations like CNN.  His ideal job would be as a White House or Supreme Court correspondent.

“I’m one of those people who watches the news all the time,”Adcox said.  “I can’t get enough of it.”

When Adcox isn’t absorbing the news or gathering story ideas, he loves to hang out with friends.

“Sometimes I’ll wear a suit to go out just for fun,” said Adcox.  “I like to shake things up a bit.”

Music is also a big part of his life.  Adcox’s favorite genre is heavy metal and he loves to go to live shows.

Graduation isn’t far off for Adcox.  If all goes well, he will walk across a Husker stage for his degree this December.