Anna Reed

Story and Photo by Emily Younger, NewsNetNebraska

Quirky jewelry, creative nail art, and a colorful smile.  Photojournalist Anna Reed exudes a spunky persona, yet the 21-year-old from Omaha is most interested in capturing the personality of others.

“I always knew I’d never be the artsy, studio photographer.  I knew I liked to photograph real life, real people.”

She says her camera see’s what people often can’t.  Her set of photo skills, love for travel, and interest in domestic work lead her to India in 2012.  There, she lived in a leprosy colony for nearly a week.

“People are terrified of cameras.  I wanted to gain the trust of the people there.”

Along with trust, Reed gained unique career experience.  As a news editorial major and history and ethnic studies minor, Reed hopes to connect people and places one photo at a time.