Profile: Narges Attaie

Senior broadcast major Narges Attaie.


Story and photo by Matt Knudsen, NewsNetNebraska

Narges Attaie always wanted to be an actress.

“People will talk bad about you,” her mother warned. “Why don’t you become a news anchor?”

Attaie’s parents are from Afghanistan, and her mother believed that acting was not the career path for an Afghani girl. Eventually, Attaie was persuaded that a career in broadcasting was right for her.

Attaie was born in Lincoln, and has lived here her whole life, but growing up in the Attaie house, the only language spoken by Attaie and her family was Farsi.

“Now it’s a mix,” she said. “Sometimes sentences combine both English and Farsi; I think it’s kind of funny.”

Attaie has always had an interest in both teaching and broadcasting, along with acting.

The senior broadcast major wants to take at least a year off after her May graduation and then start graduate school.

“I would probably get my master’s degree in teaching,” she said.

This summer, she traveled to Jamaica on a trip that opened her eyes to the world.

“Even though they spoke English in Jamaica, it was still a shock to see such a different place,” she said. “I would love to travel somewhere they don’t speak English after I graduate.”

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