Profile: Rhiannon Root

Story and Photos by Jim Tully

Rhiannon Root knows that change is something that takes time.  It doesn’t happen in an hour. It doesn’t happen in a day. And it doesn’t happen after one column is published. 

Root – like so many high school graduates  – had no idea what she wanted to do in college.  After a semester of general education classes, she gravitated toward the journalism school.  She started writing opinion columns at the Daily Nebraskan, where she now is the assistant opinion editor. 

“Editing is my therapy,” she said. 

Aside from editing, Root’s strong opinions lie in feminist subjects and woman’s rights. 

Rhiannon Root sees a lot of wrong in today's society

“I don’t necessarily talk about being a feminist in my columns,” she said.  “That should just come out through the writing.”

When Root isn’t e

diting, writing or studying, she said she is reading. 

“I like fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, young adult,” she said.  “I try to read everything.  Oh! And dystopian fiction!” 

She defines “dystopia” as “pretty much the opposite of utopia.”  Root enjoys reading this genre, particularly because the books are about what is wrong with societies; it’s something she feels she can relate to because she sees many things in this society that may by “dystopian.”

She sees a lot of things that she would like changed in everyday life. 

So when will she see that change?  Root knows it won’t be tomorrow or even the next day. But she will edit and write until she sees some change — and then she’ll write a little more.

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