Profile: Grant Muessel

 Journalism senior Grant Muessell

Grant Muessel sat up straight with eyes wide open throughout his four-hour journalism class. He was making sure he didn’t miss a word of the professor’s lecture.

But his passion for journalism is relatively new. In fact, he sort of stumbled into the world of journalism two years ago.

After graduating from Millard North High School, he attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he was studying engineering.

“I thought engineering was for me because I liked to build stuff and make it better,” he said. “But then I found something I loved more.”

Muessel said he has always been a big Husker fan but had trouble finding someone who shared that passion and watched every game like he did.

“I knew every play in each game, and no one else did,” he said. “Apparently Husker football wasn’t appealing to my fellow UNO students.”

He soon realized that if he started a blog, there would be lots of people to talk sports with. And after he started blogging, it became addictive, he said.

“I was sitting through my engineering classes, not even paying attention,” he said.  “I was just thinking about writing my blog.”

After two years at UNO, Muessel transferred to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, intent on becoming a journalist. This summer, he interned at the Lincoln Journal Star as a sports writer.

Muessel said that his dream job would be to eventually work at the Kansas City Star as a sports writer.

“I was one of those late bloomers to the journalism field,” he said. “But I have finally found my true calling.”

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