University of Nebraska Board of Regents races

It appears there will be three new faces on the University of Nebraska Board of Regents.

With 82 percent of the Nebraska precincts reporting, former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub had a 5 point lead over challenger Ann Ferlic for Omaha’s District 3 seat on the University of Nebraska Regents Board.

Heidemann appears to be pulling away in the race against Mike Jones for southeast Nebraska’s District 5 seat, and Jim Pillen’s lead over David Copple in the the District 3 race remains intact.

In District 4, incumbent Bob Whitehouse is leading against Larry Bradley.

For the latest updates in the NU Board of Regents races, see this Secretary of State elections results page.

Tonight’s election could bring up to four new faces to the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, as nearly half of the regents’ non-partisan, eight member governing board is guaranteed to be replaced.

Regents only serve six-year terms, but some, such as outgoing Regent Chuck Hassebrook, have served on the board since the 90s.

District 8

One highly publicized regents race is in Omaha’s District 8 between former Omaha mayor Hal Daub and Ann Ferlic Ashford — the daughter of current regent Dr. Randolph Ferlic. Daub was the clear winner in May’s primary.

District 3

Jim Pillen of Columbus and David Copple of Norfolk are running for northeast Nebraska’s District 3 seat, which was formerly held by Chuck Hassebrook.

Pillen heads a major hog operation in Nebraska and claims he will represent Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers. He raised more than $220,000 for May’s primary – a record for regents races — and received the majority of votes.

Pillen and Copple both say they want to promote agricultural research and control tuition costs.

District 4

The race for the District 4 seat features the only incumbent candidate in this year’s regents race: Bob Whitehouse of Papillion. Whitehouse is defending his board position against Larry Bradley of Omaha. Bradley says he wants to restore ethics to the Board of Regents and criticized the board’s decision in 2011 to cut the football and wrestling programs at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

District 5

State Sen. Lavon Heidemann of Elk Creek is in the running for southeast Nebraska’s District 5 seat against Mike Jones of David City. Jones earned his spot on the November ballot by beating former regents member Robert Prokop in the primary.

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