Exit polls at two Lincoln precincts: Kerrey and Obama would win

By Alex Hall, Ben Malotte, James Pace-Cornsilk and Sophie Tatum, NewsNetNebraska

If the election were held only in a pair of Lincoln precincts surveyed by students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, President Barack Obama and former Sen. Bob Kerrey would have won handily.

The pair of Democrats, who lost the statewide vote in Nebraska, dominated the voting at the F Street Community Center and the American Lutheran Church on Vine Street, according to exit surveys. Obama had carried the districts easily in his first election in 2008 as well.

Obama and Kerrey rallied 65 percent of voters that were surveyed after they cast their ballots. While former Gov. Mitt Romney received 28 percent of the votes, GOP senate candidate Deb Fischer received 25 percent of the votes.

According to the polls in the precincts, 93 percent of Democrats voted in favor of Obama and 88 percent voted for Kerrey.

Some voters said the president needed four more years.

“I don’t think Jesus Christ could have fixed it in four years,” said one elderly voter.

Female voters in the precincts overwhelmingly supported Obama for re-election.

“Human issues matter the most to me so I voted based on the candidates stance on poverty, healthcare, education and ending wars,” one female voter said.

Obama pulled the most support from ages 30 to 59 with 70 percent of votes compared to 59 percent of votes from ages 60 and older. Voters 18 to 29 voted in favor of Obama who received 61 percent of their votes.

The percentage breakdown for the two exit polls are from two Lincoln districts that voted for Obama in 2008, but don’t necessarily represent all of Nebraska or Lincoln.  The results are as follows:

Democrats Independents Republicans Male Female 60+ 30-59 18-29
Obama 93% 66% 18% 61% 69% 52% 70% 61%
Romney 3% 22% 75% 30% 25% 33% 29% 30%
Kerrey 88% 67% 25% 62% 68% 56% 71% 62%
Fischer 5% 17% 67% 26% 23% 35% 21% 25%

 Polling data compiled by students in three sections of beginning reporting.





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