SPORTSTAKE: Not your typical Nebraska fan

By Torin Otis

There is no place like Nebraska. Except for Michigan. And Ohio State. And Notre Dame. And Texas. And Iowa. And Kansas. And Colorado.

It’s gameday in Lincoln and all I see is maize and blue.

Torin Otis/Sports Columnist


Yes. I’m talking about Michigan.

“What’s wrong with you?”

More like what’s wrong with you.

Being a student at Nebraska should be fun. Fans from around the state come to town to watch their nationally ranked Cornhuskers. The team is leading its division and is all but locked in the Rose Bowl. Memorial Stadium becomes the third largest city in the entire state for home games.

But for me it’s boring. I don’t care about Nebraska. I don’t care about the Huskers. All I care about is getting my education and getting the hell out of here. It’s not the greatest place on earth. It’s just a place, on earth.

And it doesn’t have the greatest fans either. They’re just like any other. They wanna talk about how nice they are and how loyal they are. Talk about loyalty. And respect. And how every one treats visitors as if they were sipping on a cup of tea with grandma.

Ya, those fans do exist. But so do the ones that yell “F you” *cough cough* to the people they just gave directions to. And the ones who brag and boast to the harmless elderly couple sitting in the nosebleeds. And the fans that leave the game because the team is down 14 points to Penn State in the first quarter.

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FIRST quarter!

Those fans exist in the form of Michigan fans, too. Truth be told, I’m one of them. And as polite and welcoming as I want to be, it only takes one idiot to ruin it.

So, sorry guys. You aren’t as unique as you think you are.

Yes, you do have the tunnel walk. And Michigan has the Go Blue banner. And Notre Dame has Touchdown Jesus. And Ohio State has The Script.

And the 324 consecutive sellouts, that’s cool too. But Notre Dame has more than 200 consecutive sellouts.

Here’s what it comes down to. You can claim all of these traditions and streaks as yours. Fine. But don’t try to knock other schools for having their own pleasantries. To each their own.

So go ahead Nebraska fans, call me an imbecile for writing this.

But remember, you’ll ruin it for the rest of ‘em.

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