SPORTSTAKE: What we’re thinking about in sports.


Every week, our sports reporters gather around a table to talk about the issues of the week, from a referee’s blown call in the most recent Husker football game to memories of of recess heroism on the playground. And sometimes, we write about those issues.

Here’s what we came up with this week:

AN INEVITABLE NATION: It’s the night of Oct. 8, 2011, and I’m nestled high up in the stands of a crowded Memorial Stadium, with a backwards-facing Nebraska hat on my head, a souvenir cup of Mountain Dew in hand and a vague inkling in the back of my mind that I don’t belong. By Faiz Siddiqui.

TYPICAL NEBRASKA FAN: There is no place like Nebraska. Except for Michigan. And Ohio State. And Notre Dame. And Texas. And Iowa. And Kansas. And Colorado. It’s gameday in Lincoln and all I see is maize and blue. By Torin Otis.

BEST TIME OF MY LIFE: I slapped my friend Zatch in the face on the big screen at a Nebraska basketball game once. Two weeks later, that slap was included in the dunk montage as the team took the court. Yes. I’m that guy from the basketball games. By Matt Knudsen.

TAKING GAMEDAY BACK:We’re taking gameday back. Students matter most. We run this university. We need better seating, more tickets and cheaper prices. We…haven’t heard so much self-interested garbage since Bill Callahan insisted he would “restore the order.” By Ross Benes.

DEAR COACH MILES: As you may have heard, we students haven’t come around your gym too much the last few years. Probably won’t be there much this season, either. By Bryce Arens.

MAGIC AND DEATH BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: “You. Get up here.” Mary Ann Lamb just called you out in the senior jazz class. Sprint to the stage and do anything she asks.The queen of Broadway wants you to demonstrate the last two eight-counts of her choreography for the senior jazz class. For the love of God, do it perfectly. By Shelby Fleig.

BEST SPORT YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF: I’m no John Elway, Tiger Woods or Wayne Rooney. I will never wear a Super Bowl ring, a Master’s jacket or trade jerseys with Cristiano Ronaldo. But I’ve never wanted to be those people, or to do those things. I threw fits as a kid when my mom even mentioned the idea of me signing up for peewee football, or YMCA basketball teams. By Aaron Bowles.

NEW TICKETS ADD MORE PROBLEMS THAN SOLUTIONS: In my three years of holding student season football tickets, I have only had to sell two of them. Between the two, I made a total of a whopping $30. Granted, I gave one away to a friend, the second I sold for only $9 over the face value price. Yeah, I’m an idiot. By Kyle Cummings.

SCORE NOT SETTLED: After the game, Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin himself complained about the call. Penn State fans booed, said it was a touchdown. Said the ball had crossed the plain. Meanwhile, Nebraska fans shrugged off the controversy. Remember 1982? they said. By Zach Tegler.

THE DEVANEY, REALLY?: When a prospective volleyball player looks at places to go for college, no doubt one thing on the front part of her mind is the Coliseum. It is a renowned and prestigious place to play volleyball and should be kept that way. Even though there would be more money involved when switching to Devaney, the tradition of the dominating presence of a Nebraska volleyball team and crowd will be lost. By Ryan Pritchard.

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