Marching band supports Huskers win or lose

Story and video by Bryce Arens, NewsNetNebraska

The miserable defeat of the Huskers in the Big 10 championship game was hard on a lot of people: Players. Coaches. Fans.

But it was particularly difficult for another group: the members of the Cornhusker Marching Band.

They, too, had dreams of playing in the Rose Bowl this year.

“For a band, it is like the top place you can go,” said Hannah Lambert, a band drum major.

But such is the fate of college marching bands, whose first priority is the team, win or lose.


Everyone needs support. Someone who can be counted on now matter what.

The band is the support for the Nebraska football team, and they needed it in the Big Ten Championship on Saturday.

That night Nebraska mourned, but inside a stadium in Indianapolis the Nebraska band played on.

No matter the opponent, no matter the score

There are 51 seconds left in the game and Nebraska has just scored a touchdown in Lucas Oil Stadium. The scoreboard reads: Wisconsin, 70; Nebraska, 31. Most Nebraska fans have left, but the band remains, still playing the fight song all the way to the end of a blowout loss. They continue as members of the team run off the game.

Support can come in many forms. For Nebraska band members, it is epitomized in their motto, “No matter the opponent, no matter the score.”

“Our job is to be there for the team in the stands,” said Tony Falcone, associate director of bands. “I tell them not to put much into the wins and losses.”

During the time Lambert has been in the band, Nebraska has lost three conference championship games and two bowl games. Trips to Tempe and Miami were on the line, but Lambert says you can’t think about that too much.

“We are some of the biggest fans for the team and go crazy when they win, but our job is to be supportive no matter what,” she said.

A speech from Tom Osborne influenced Falcone to teach his band members how to be supporters of a team.

“Coach Osborne said that bad fan behavior comes from when people get their self esteem from their sports team.” he said. “So we say, get your self esteem from something that is more meaningful in your life, and then cheer on your sports team.”

The band has been playing and cheering throughout Nebraska’s first division championship season in the Big Ten. They played at every home game. They played through a string of comeback victories, including Michigan State.

And they will play again on Jan. 1 in the Capital One Bowl in Orlando.

“It’s just been unbelievable with all the close games earlier this season,” Lambert said. “Everyone was hoping for a Rose Bowl, but we will still be excited to support the team in Orlando.”



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