Carl Mejstrik


Carl Mejstrik is a coffee enthusiast, an aspiring novelist, and a collector of vinyl records. He is also a senior, News-Ed major at UNL with plans to graduate and pursue a career in free lance writing. Carl has excelled at making pizzas in places such as Whole Foods, The Mellow Mushroom, and Big Sals Pizza. When not attending classes or work, Carl can likely be found at a local coffee shop, sipping a cup of joe, and enjoying some light reading.

After graduation, Carl hopes to be able to travel around the United  States on a trip akin to “On the Road.” Seeing different places and locations will hopefully generate quality experiences for Carl to draw writing inspiration from. Carl has a mother and father living in Omaha, NE as well as a younger brother and older sister in the same city. He dearly misses his dog.


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