Staff profile: Katie Bane

Story and photo by Bethany Schmidt, NewsNetNebraska

If you are looking for Katie Bane, chances are you can find her at the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. She loves it there. She’s a broadcasting and news-editorial major and she immerses herself in the program.

But, what makes Bane’s place in the college special to her is not necessarily where she is now; it’s where she has been.

In the summer, you could find Bane behind the counter at the Papillion McDonald’s taking orders.

“You see a whole different side of someone when they’re hungry,” Bane said. She’s been working at McDonald’s for the past three summers and worked her way up to crew trainer.

But now, after four years of intensive journalism classes and many late nights of homework, Bane no longer sees the golden arches in her future. Instead, she sees herself be behind the camera working as a producer for television news.

Just last summer Bane visited family in Wyoming. The state is one of her favorite places to be. “The sky is just so open—you can see all the stars. And, the ground is flat so you can see straight across.”

Although to wide-open sky draws some of her love, a part of her heart will always remain in Nebraska. “I loved Wyoming, but Nebraska is my home,” Bane said. Bane’s love for her home state has enticed her to stick around (at least for now) as she begins her career after graduating in May.

Bane can be found with her boyfriend, Mike, or playing with her 11-year-old Rat terrier, Amy. She also spends free time in her basement sitting on her brown, Berber couch that her parents kept from the 80s watching her favorite show, “Friends.”

Bane’s past experiences have brought her to where she is now. It may have taken a while, but Bane truly found her place. “I finally found the niche that fits me.”

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