Staff profile: Kyle Cummings

Story and photo by Zach Tegler, NewsNetNebraska

When Kyle Cummings and some friends attended a 2011 World Series game, a mysterious stranger approached them and made conversation as their St. Louis Cardinals began to mount a comeback.

After the game – an eventual St. Louis victory – ended in extra innings, the man disappeared. They never saw him again, they never learned his name and because his presence inspired a miracle on the field, they dubbed him “Al,” for a character in “Angels in the Outfield.”

Cummings can’t remember the first time he saw the baseball movie, but he knows he began playing baseball when he began to walk.

“That’s when I started throwing,” Cummings said.

He played tennis, golf and basketball during his high school years in Alliance, Neb., and played a little baseball on the side, too. He said he can relate to other peoples’ experiences through sports.

He thought about attending Doane College in Crete, Neb., to play tennis, but instead pursued a career in journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“Every Nebraska kid dreams to be a Husker,” Cummings said.

Now a senior entering his final year at UNL, Cummings’ new dream is to write for a magazine, but he doesn’t want to chase a job too far away from his home in the Midwest.

He likes to write profiles, to tell the stories of other people.

“I like the thought of getting to know people that well,” he said.

And if he could ever hunt down the mystical “Al,” Cummings said he might try to write a profile about him.

“I would if I could find that guy,” he said, “but I don’t think he can be found.”


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