Staff profile: Zach Tegler

Story and photo by Kyle Cummings, NewsNetNebraska

Zach Tegler, a 20-year-old, long-armed junior, has found his passions in life.

He aspires to write for Sports Illustrated and his life revolves around marching band. But he almost missed both growing up.

In the fifth grade, Tegler decided to put his noodle arms to use, trying out the trombone. He said band was not a high interest to him at first, and he almost quit. But his mom encouraged him to press on. Now, band helps define who Tegler is.

“I have no idea who I’d be without marching band,” he said.

The experiences and people he met in band, Tegler said, have changed his life.

As for journalism, Tegler was inspired to write by his high school newspaper’s adviser, Scott Foster. Journalism was never a serious option before meeting Foster, he said. Now, Tegler has been selected for a Dow Jones & Co. editing internship, where he will live in New York City for 10 weeks this summer, working for The New York Times.

Tegler knows that next semester he has to narrow down to one passion. He can either enjoy marching band one more year, he said, or quit band and pursue more journalism opportunities.

“If marching band represents my past and journalism represents my future, I have to make a decision between the two in the fall,” he said.

He’s leaning toward his past to play in “The Pride of All Nebraska” one more semester. Sports Illustrated will have to wait.

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