Love on the Run delivers 600 love letters to Lincolnites

Emily Berner, and daughter Natalie, 4, type a note Saturday at Love on the Run.

By Christine Scalora, NewsNetNebraska

Tim Frisch spent part of Saturday afternoon surrounded by typewriters, pink paper and lots of love.

Frisch was one of dozens who filed through Porridge Papers in Lincoln on Saturday as part of Love on the Run.

For Love on the Run, people type letters to family and significant others the weekend before Valentine’s Day. The notes get rolled up and put into a glass bottle, and then the bottles get put into a handmade paper bag. The letters are delivered on Valentine’s Day.

This was the first year he participated in Love on the Run, said Frisch, a graphic designer at A to Z Printing. His wife volunteered last year and he volunteered this year.

“I can’t go through this and not give my wife something,” he said. “This is definitely a creative way of doing something old fashion.”

The couple has been married for more than four years.

Frisch typed a letter to his wife, Katie, with their unborn son as the author. His wife is about eight months pregnant.

“She knows I’m writing a note, she doesn’t know her baby is writing a note,” Frisch said.


For the mini Polaroid picture that accompanies the notes, Frisch held up their first child’s ultrasound.

Frisch will be at work when his wife sees the note, but said “I think she’s going to laugh and she’s probably going to think it’s pretty cool.”

Love on the Run started after Porridge Papers owner Christopher James heard about an event in Austin, Texas, that was an interactive art project that used typewriters.

So six years ago, James took that idea and adapted it for Valentine’s Day.

The idea of using an old-fashion means of sending a note as opposed to email or text is what got the event going, James said.

The first year 87 bottles were delivered.

“Every year since it’s gotten larger and larger,” James said.

Last year about 480 bottles were delivered. This year a 500-note limit was set, but with leftover bottles from last year 593 bottles will be delivered Valentine’s Day.

It’s humbling to see how Love on the Run has grown, James said. The free event also gains support from other businesses that donate time, services and food, James said. Businesses see what it does for the community, he said.

“It’s just a happy thing,” James said. “This is about bringing the community closer.”

Like others, Emily Berner stopped by Porridge Papers on Saturday in part to support a local business. Berner, executive director of the Montessori School for Young Children, brought two daughters and a family friend.

“I think they’re really enjoying it,” she said.

Mollie Magnuson, a UNL student and student teacher, delivered notes last year. She made a note Saturday for her boyfriend as they celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together.

Magnuson, who also works for the Lincoln Arts Council, said the notes also have a nice aesthetic look.

“It’s just a really special and unique thing,” she said.

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