Campus Rec getting busier as year goes on

By Chris Casper, NewsNetNebraska

Kathy Martins used to get up and run every morning in high school and workout. The 19-year-old history major thought her work ethic would transition into college but boy was she wrong.

“Trying to keep your goal is flat out impossible,” Martins admitted.

Still, a lot of students are trying. And, according to numbers from the Campus Recreation Center, the numbers have been steadily increasing as the year goes on.

Todd Lanham, Assistant Director for Information Technology at the Rec Center, said they have seen a sizable increase in attendance since the beginning of January.

And, according to the data, the Rec Center doesn’t see a New Years Resolution bump. Rec use started low in January and has been on the rise since.

Attendance is higher on weekdays than Saturday and Sunday, the data shows.

“The gym is supposed to be used during the school week and no more,” 21-year-old education major Chris Post joked.

His twin brother Sam, a political science major, agreed.

“Attendance is low (on the weekends) because people don’t want to be there on their days off,” he said.

Samantha Nolan, a 20-year-old nutrition major, is one of the few who goes both during the week and on weekends. It’s less packed, she said, and it’s good for you.

“It’s really important to keep doing some kind of exercise,” Nolan said. “Your body needs all the help it can get to build muscle and work off all the junk food you might eat in one week.”

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